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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain authority (DA) means the authority your domain has in its niche industry. It implies the staying power that your website has when compared to other websites in your category. Page authority (PA) implies the authority or the power your page has in the topical niche. PA and DA are comparative statistics. Thus, PA is useful when your page when compared to other pages from other websites. Similarly, DA is useful when being compared to other websites.

Moz Domain Authority & Page Authority are grading systems built by Moz. This grading system can be used as a proxy to Google or other Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). The higher is the Domain Authority of a website, the higher are the chances for that site to be ranked high on Google. There is a strong relation between SERP rankings on Google and Domain authority and Page authority scores by MOZ.

Domain Authority is a metric invented by Moz, one of the premier SEO tools in the industry. They utilize metrics to calculate complex figures.  These converted figures are always between 0-100. This is because the calculation is done using a logarithmic function. Other websites in the space also use their metrics to calculate a similar statistic. These include Ahrefs using a metric called Domain Rating, implying the rating of a website from 0-100. Some sites like Ubersuggest use a metric called Domain Score implying the same. Therefore, whenever you read the word Domain Authority, Domain rating, or Domain Score, understand that they are proxies for each other. They may not have the same parameters or the same weightage for factors but they display the same. Domain Authority/ Domain rating talks about the POWER of a domain name online!

To fully utilize this, you must know that the DA PA is ranked between the numbers 1-100. Where 1 is the worst grade displaying the least power possessed by a domain in its niche. While 100 is the best grade to get, that shows the most power a domain can possess in its niche. The implication of this is that your page will only get a higher ranking if it has the ability to be ranked high. Pages and websites with higher Domain authority find it easier to be ranked for new topics and services. Websites with lower DA and PA find it difficult to be ranked for topics and services, even if these services are their unique selling points.

How does DA affect the PA of a website?

Websites are usually dedicated to a specific industry. Most websites are made up of many web pages, displaying different information, and having content on each page. Each Web Page covers a different aspect or subsection within the specific industry. But web pages of a site usually have the same theme and approach to serve their visitors.  Web pages are created through the curation of information around a niche topic or industry.

Your site will likely see users visiting your website for different reasons. Some will be interested in your site and the industry as a whole. They are followers or participants in your industry and find your site worthy. However, there will also be some users that visit just because of their interest in ONE topic your website is covering. Thus, you will see people who are primarily interested in one article on your website. No matter how they come on to your website, how well they react to your website is what matters. Good content, easy to navigate, and updated web pages will lead users to explore other pages of your website.

Thus, when your website gets the traffic it is likely that some of that traffic will spill over to the other webpages of your site. So, as your web pages become more famous so does your website. Similarly, as your website gets traction so do your articles and pages. Therefore, the Domain Authority and Page Authorities of a webpage are positively related. When the Page Authority of a webpage of your site increases the Domain Authority of the Website increases as well and vice-versa.

Most sites that check DA and have a high Domain authority usually have it due to their expertise in the industry. A website with a high DA score will often see higher PA scores as well and vice-versa. Webpages combine to form a website. Therefore, there is a natural correlation between the Page Authority and Domain Authority of a website. Keep this in mind when carrying out a check for bulk Domain Authority.


What is the DA PA Checker?

A domain authority checker gives you an insight into the ranking or potential ranking of a website. There are many factors used to consider any rankings. They are not done irrationally by one's desire to see another website that has a certain type of number. It is a combination of different types of data and metrics from the Moz Web index. Search engines are able to provide results for searches using complex software. This software analyzes the content on your page and the targeted keyword it is surrounding. Based on all keywords pertaining to your web pages, your site is categorized. DA scores are estimated based on the category you fall under. Our software analyzes the niche results created by the internet and creates figures. Those figures are calibrated in an algorithm. After estimating those figures, our tool provides you with a Domain authority for your website. This highlights how well your site has performed when a search was made on Google, explaining how well the site answered search query.

DA PA Checker is used to calculate your page, by ranking the website on a grading system of 100-point logarithmic scales. Its presence makes it easier to collate results when compared to other measuring tools of the same type. The scores are calculated using complex and relevant metrics. This data factors in each variable appropriately. The logarithmic function of the DA PA checker makes it a grading scale in its truest sense. By that we mean, it is easier to increase your scores when DA PA is low and it gets increasingly difficult to do so as DA PA scores increase. For example, it will be easier for a site to go from a Domain Authority of 25  to a Domain Authority of 30 than it will be for a site with a domain authority of 65 to increase to a Domain Authority of 70.

Moreover, the scores are likely to fluctuate occasionally. The DA PA checker uses metrics from the dynamic digital world. Due to the dynamic nature, the calculation is also dynamic. It weighs different data factors based on environmental changes. They regularly make sure there is an update on the algorithm set for the calculation of Page Authority and Domain Authority. This is to make sure that the statistics being used and considered are not outdated.

Importance of a Bulk DA Checker

Bulk DA checker is an SEO tool that helps you look at the Domain Authority of multiple sites at once. This tool is very crucial to be used when carrying out competitive analysis. Since the Bulk DA checker gives you the statistics showing how far ahead (or behind) you are when being compared to your competition. This may not be highlighted as per what variable has benefitted a website authority the most.

SEO to Checker uses a multitude of variables when calculating the Website authority for a specific domain. The following are the variables included by our bulk website authority checker:

  1. - Age of the domain This a positive factor affecting the URL rating of a website. Data supports older websites. It is seen that older sites tend to have better content, better structure, and thus, more influence within their niche industry.
  2. - Number of external backlinks. Backlinks convey to the Website authority checker that your website is of high quality. The number of backlinks displays the amount of influence that a website possesses.
  3. - Number of links Dofollow and Nofollow. These show a breakdown of the type of influx a website may be seeing. Based on which our algorithm accounts for power and displays the metric for website authority.
  4. - Quality and authority of these backlinks. you can check backlinks by using SEO To Checker’s backlink checker.
  5. - Types of referral domains (GOV, EDU, COM, NET, ORG, etc.). .Gov and .edu domains carry higher influence and act as great catalysts towards the improvement of the website authority of a domain.
  6. - Reference number of domains links
  7. - Moz spam score is taken into consideration.

The bulk DA checker is a powerful SEO tool that allows you to check multiple websites at once. A bulk Domain authority checker can be used to check up to 20 URLs at once. This implies that you can compare your website’s Domain rating against 19 other websites simultaneously. However, when doing so you must have a plan of action. We suggest that you look at certain aspects. Here are a few things to remember:

  1.  Compare how dominant your competitors are when being compared to you. The higher the DA of your competitor, the more dominant they are. Therefore, you need to utilize focused strategies to outrank your opponents. You must observe what the best competitor (the one with the highest DA) is doing on their website and learn. Unless you analyze and adapt, you will not retain or gain market share in the digital space!
  2. Analyzing the webpages of your competition and doing a bulk PA check is imperative for SEO. By doing so you are able to see how the webpages in your industry and how successful these pages are. The bulk DA PA checker will direct you to which competitor you should focus on and research.
  3. There are reasons behind the DA PA scores of some sites being higher than others. Their competency or USP beats out others, this may be how their site is presented, content is written, marketing is carried out, or a combination of all. As a digital marketer, you must realize that market research and analysis of the best competition is crucial. For your website to have a high URL rating you must be aware of the industry. Only the implementation of your learning will bring about results! Bulk DA pa checker helps you in this task and makes your job easier. It facilitates you in finding out who is the industry leader (with the highest domain rating) and who is your closest competition.
  4. A Bulk DA checker is very beneficial when you remember that DA & PA are correlated. The link juice from one high performing link (of a specific page) flows onto the website. This is distributed among other pages due to internal linking. Further, link juice increases the Domain rating of the website has a whole while improving individual PAs. When looking at websites with high Domain rating, ensure you analyze the webpages with the highest Page authority as well.

How to bulk check DA PA

SEO to checker’s website authority checker is a powerful and free tool. This is excellent and helps you greatly to understand how powerful your website is when being compared to other websites. Domain rating is and always has been a comparative statistic! It is always best to look at a URL rating of one website or web page and compare the same to others. When trying to check the website authority of a domain, you can use this tool to analyze multiple URLs to bulk check the DA PA of your competition. To use this tool, simply follow:

  1. Go to your competitor’s website
  2. Copy the URL, from the search bar, of your competitor’s website.
  3. Paste the URL onto the bulk DA PA checker
  4. Carry out the process till you have 20 competitor sites’ URLs on our tool.
  5. Press “DA PA CHECK” and analyze the results.

When checking the website authority of a domain, you must look deeper and analyze how your site can be improved. You should consider areas in which your website lacks, compared to websites that are excellent in certain areas. Only a wholesome analysis will provide you the reasons why a certain website’s URL rating.

How To Increase Your Page Authority

Bulk DA checker will only provide you with the reality of the standings in your industry, how successful your approach is, depends on you. We suggest you take a deep dive into the aspects where you can improve when comparing to your competition. Here are some factors to focus on, when trying to increase the DA PA of your site, holistically:

1. Target specific Keywords

All queries on Google, and other search engines, revolve around keywords. These are the topics on which the query is raised. Ensure you research what are the keywords to your specific niche. When building the Domain rating of your website, you must ensure you build page authority for your pages first.

  • If your website is relatively new, ensure you target keywords with less difficulty and competition. By doing so you will give your site a better chance of ranking high for that specific keyword’s queries.
  • If your Website is older, target the keywords where your competition is vulnerable. This means to target topics on the pages of your competitor’s website, which have poor Page Authority. This way you will start to outrank a rival on certain queries on Google, leading to an increase in DA.

Utilize tools like Keywords position checker to know what keywords you should be targeting.

2. Write content people are searching for

Utilize SEO tools to find out the prevailing questions, topics, and discussions in your niche. By doing so you are giving the users what they want and this will be observed by Google. By answering the queries of the users you give the correct signals to search engines. These signals are positive indicators and act as reviews for Google, which rewards you by ranking you higher. As your rankings increase, so will your Domain and Page Authority.

Make sure your content is correctly worded and nicely structured. The more engaging the content, the higher the likeliness for it to be shared and marketed. Doing your job as a content writer and making sure your users are happy is the main task for you.


3. Optimize your Page speed

The faster loading time of a website allows it to display its content quicker. Therefore, serving the user faster and improving the visits to the site compared to the sites with slower page speeds. This is a positive indicator in the “eyes” of search engines. Faster loading time is reflected by the results of the Domain Authority checker. This insinuates that websites that are slower will have a worse DA PA rating.  Worse the site speed, the worse is its search engine ranking when compared to faster websites.

Ensure you use a server that is good enough to accommodate a lot of traffic. In an age where people want everything in the blink of an eye and at their fingertips, it is important to be fast! Page speed is a very crucial aspect that can enhance your DA improvement and SEO endeavors.

4. Layout and presentation

As a website, your top priority must be to direct traffic to your web pages. You need to ensure the bounce rate is less while also making sure that your website is explored. This is only possible when the webpages are not cluttered. Cluttered web pages with excess information turn users away from your website, since reading your content becomes a task. You must ensure that the layout of the webpage is good and the navigation on your website is easy. In doing so, you ensure users have information within easy reach. The internal linking is good and the content is easy to read, which is an important aspect of your presentation.

You must cater to your users in the best way possible. You must ensure there isn’t user fatigue and people enjoy visiting your website. Layout plays a key role in helping the user focus on and understand your content. If the layout is poor, the user will not find the answer they wish to find and will bounceback. A higher bounce-back rate leads to a fall in DA PA scores. The same will be seen from sites when using a bulk Domain Authority checker.

5. In-bound external links

The influx of traffic to a  website is very important and dictates the ranking on search engines. However, search engines choose to rank your website based on external factors as well. These include sites linking to your web pages. Thus, you must ensure that you maximize the external links coming from higher-ranking websites. You must ensure to do so within the Google guidelines. External links from high-ranking sites indicate a strong influence. Being linked to popular websites, shows the presence in the niche, leading to an increasing DA score. However, if malpractices are detected by Google, your DA will be penalized. To enhance your domain’s Website Authority it's crucial to have backlinks from high-ranking and relevant websites. You should focus on content that can be used by different categories of users on the internet. For example, if you have a website on clothes you should write content while considering people who enjoy clothes, people who are not sure what to wear, and clothing manufacturers. By writing content when thinking about all potential different users and readers, you open up your brand and domain. You allow not only serious journals but also leisure blogs and average customers to share your content! When links to your site are shared by people, you will receive more traffic. The increased traffic will affect your Domain Authority and Page Authority greatly!

6. Know Your Competition

When creating a competitive website for a niche, it is important to know who you are going up against. It is crucial to do a bulk Domain Authority check of your website’s competitors. While doing so, you should not ignore the individual Page Authorities of your competitors either. Analyze the pages and topics that you have written about and compare it to ranked websites. Dive deep into the content and the presentation of your rivals. Overlooking your competition is the worst thing that a website manager or owner can do. You must look at the trending topics discussed by websites that you have not covered. Doing research shows what more you can add to the field. Knowledge is wisdom! Check the domain authority of your competitors and improve your site in every aspect. Optimal use of a bulk DA PA checker for all sites that you are competing against, for all those topics you wish to rank for as well. Analyzing your competitor’s highest PA webpages will give you insight as to what makes these pages so “Authoritative”. Hence, the more informative and better-articulated content you can create the more you will set your website apart from others!

7. Social media presence is crucial!

When carrying out a bulk Domain Authority check, you will observe that most websites with high DA have a strong social media presence. This is very important! In order to build your website, you must build your brand. You can do so by interacting, with active and potential users of your website, on social media. Let them know of your presence apart from the website. This will give you opportunities to direct traffic to your website. A socially present brand has more opportunities to promote its website. You need to build up your brand (i.e. Domain) so that you can see customers for your brand (in the form of traffic). Thus, it is very crucial for websites to have an active social media account.

8.  Social Bookmarking

This service refers to the creation of digital bookmarks for sites and web pages alike. It allows users to review specific content whenever they want. Examples of such services include website platforms such as Pinterest, Pocket, and Digg. These sites act as trend tracking websites, wherein they allow you to come back to certain content. These sites permit people to “Bookmark” sites, pages, and articles online that they are interested in. Thus, websites that are highly bookmarked are going to have a higher DA PA score compared to a website that is not bookmarked as much. Usage on such websites should be done correctly and optimally. When done carefully bookmarking leads people, looking for solutions, to be directed to your site’s web pages. This will allow you to target specific traffic to your site allowing you to outrank your competition. Bookmarking will have a direct effect on your DA, the same can be verified using URL Authority checker.

9. Niche Outreach

Creating a website and building its individual page authority is a difficult task.  It requires help and needs to be a collaborative effort, internally and externally. Working in partnership with review websites, Editorials and Magazines, Research clinics, Blogs and content creating Influencers is very important. These are the industry spokespeople. Such people and organizations have gained the trust of your market through continued success. Users listen to those who they know and trust rather than new personnel. Reaching out having discussions with editorials and influencers will help you understand a different aspect of your business. You will become equipped with their knowledge and approach towards the market as well.

If you are able to work a deal with influential platforms you will get two great benefits. One of which includes exposure and another being credibility (due to a partnership). This will expose your Website to wider audiences. Increased reach can in return increase the traffic onto your Web Pages. By reaching out to your community and showcasing your Website you are creating a buzz. The right people and organizations will lead to targeted traffic to your website. This traffic will increase the domain rating of the site while also enhancing your ranking.

10. Bounce rates

Bounce rate refers to the quick exits of users from your website after viewing only one page. This displays the lack of retention of a user on your site thus indicating dissatisfactory answers presented by your site for their query. Search engines strive to provide users with solutions with the least number of clicks possible. They work to improve the quality of answers they present to searchers and attempt to do faster than other search engines. Thus, when a website is showing high bounce rates, the search engines penalize your website’s ranking. Since search ranking for your website builds up your authority in the industry, a fall in ranking causes a fall in DA. This is an indirect factor as it does not affect the URL Authority directly. But it will disrupt other factors leading to an indirect impact on DA scores. Concentrate on engaging your users and keeping them intrigued enough to want to go through your website.



Domain Authority is a very important metric to consider when doing SEO. Domain rating highlights the influence and power of a website in its niche. Page authority is a small subsection of the Domain Authority. This highlights the power of your webpage compared to web pages with similar content as yours. Naturally, Domain authority and Page authority do hand in hand and affect each other. Therefore, if you are a website it is highly important to use our Domain rating checker.

You need to check the website authority of your domain and compare it to competing websites. This is where our tool is amazing. SEO to Checker’s Domain Authority checker is a powerful and free tool. It helps you bulk check the URL Authority of up to 20 websites at a time. Only by using the bulk Domain Authority checker can you accurately find out your closest competition. You must focus on your closest competition and the sites with higher DA PA scores in order to improve your website’s traffic.

URL Authority pushes your ranking higher. As your ranking increases on Google search results so does your traffic. But, improving the DA PA of your website can be daunting. We recommend a few factors to look at when improving your website’s standing within the industry.