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What is URL Rewriting?

Url rewriting is a good practice for us. When You share our web page URL with others using third parties like social media, via email & other things. Then you have to share such URLs that would be user-friendly. There are two types of URL dynamic & static.

Seo to checker’s URL rewriting tool will assist you to convert URL. Most website owners use seo to checker’s URL rewriting tools to rewrite their website or webpages URL.


  • Static URL:- A static URL is created by HTML coding. You can’t change it because it too difficult & timing consuming to rewriting. It always looks like this 

  • Dynamic URL:-  A dynamic URL is easy to change. It is not much timing consuming. It is based on your webpage template. You have to go on that page you want to change the URL. Usually, a dynamic URL looks like this  Https://


Why do need to use the URL rewriting tool? 

Seo to checkers URL rewriting tool is a very efficient tool. This rewriting tool provides you instant results and generates quick static URLs. You don’t need to go with a long process to rewrite the URL. Just you have to copy the website URL and paste it into the input field of the seo to checker’s free online URL rewriting tool. Because of these three reasons, you have to use seo to checker’s URL rewriting tool. The first is that it will assist you to while doing search engine optimization(SEO). Google considers it in a seo rank factor. So you always writing your webpage URL in seo friendly. Second, is that suppose if your webpage has familiar with static URL. Then you have a good chance to get better posting on search engine result pages. Whereby it will assist to drive more visitors to your website via the Google search engine result page. Third thing is that, if your web page having a dynamic URL then it will increase your page loading time. While if you have a statc URL then it’ll boost up your page speed dynamic URL. These were a few reasons so you have to use seo to checker’s URL rewriting tool. If you are a digital marketing or web developer then you must have to use this tool. 

How to use URL rewriting tools? 

No need to think more about it than how to use URL rewriting tools. First,  you have to open the seo to checker’s online free URL rewriting tool. Now you have to open your website and copy the webpage URL that you want to convert. Then the copied URL you have to paste into the input field of the URL rewriting tool. After pasting the copied URL into the input field you have to click on the submit button. Now you have to wail for 2 or 3 seconds. After 2 or 3 seconds your dynamic URL would be converted into a static URL.


Several digital marketing or website owners use our seo to checker tools.  Seo to checker’s URL rewriting tool provides a high position in search engine result pages. Because your URL would be user-friendly & SEO-friendly. They give an important to seo to checks free online tools. Because it can assist in promoting and reaching out to a wider range of audiences worldwide. Seo to checker’s online free URL rewriting tool can prepare your webpages for a more improved online visibility. Whereby you can get your target audiences across the globe. So don’t forget to use seo to checker’s free online URL rewriting tool. If you having an e-commerce website then URL rewriting would be more effective on your e-commerce websites. Using these tactics you can drive more traffic to your website.


What is meant by URL rewriting?

Url rewriting is a tactic where you can convert your webpage URL. Using URL rewriting tool you can change any webpage link structure. Whereby your webpage wouldn’t get much page loading time & your webpage would be user friendly. This process will assist you in ranking in search engine result pages. Thus seo to checker’s URL rewriting tool plays a significant role in boost your ranking in search engine result pages.  


What is the function of URL rewriting?

Seo to checker‘s free online URL rewriting tool having a few steps to rewrite your webpage URL. Url rewriting provides you such a webpage URL that would be user-friendly, and search engine  friendly that displays to the user in the web application. Is a short URL that can’t be changed too by  yourself. So use this tool and boost your ranking in search engine result pages and drive unlimited traffic to your website.  


What is the difference between URL rewrite and redirect?

There are many people who don’t know the difference between URL rewrite and URL redirect. First, I would like to discuss URL rewriting. It is a process to rewrite your URL in short and in Html coding. Basically, there are two types of URL statics and dynamic. Static isn’t easily changeable it is a hard and time-consuming process. While dynamic is easy to changeable. Just you have to go to the webpage that you want to change and where you can easily edit the webpage URL.  Now we are talking about redirect it means that what type you want to your final URL. Suppose you have a webpage that starts with HTTPS, www, HTTPS/www, HTTP, & HTTP/www. In this case, you can choose the URL that you want. Spouse if you want that my website or webpage should be open with HTTPS then your website would be always open with HTTPS. 


Final Thought

I hope you have understood the value of the URL rewriting tool. Url rewriting is a free online tool that provides by seo to the checker. Using URL rewriting you can easily convert your static website URL. The converting URL would be user-friendly & search engine optimization friendly. Using this URL you can show your web pages across the globe and drive traffic to your website.