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About XML Sitemap Generator

What is an XML sitemap?

XML sitemaps act as directions to navigate your website. The sitemaps indicate all the pages and posts of your website and display the unique pages as URLs for you to analyze. Sitemaps provide Google, and other search engine bots, a roadmap of your website. When utilized correctly, these sitemaps can guide the search engine bots to index your best/ most valuable pages.

Why are Google sitemaps important?

Google sitemaps allow Google to crawl/ review your site’s important pages and index them. With the aid of this tool, Google can still display your pages on the search engine result pages, even if the internal linking of your site is not good. It essentially gives Google permission and access to crawl your website’s pages and index them.

By highlighting your valuable pages, the XML sitemap generator helps in SEO for your website. Therefore, is a VERY important tool to have!

What issues does the XML sitemap generator solve?

Google’s crawlers go through your website. They analyze your site's content, quality, navigation, backlink profile, internal linking, etc. Newer websites, usually do not have all these aspects covered and therefore, struggle to improve their rankings. Creating a site for your website allows you to:

  • Provide Google Search Console with your website’s sitemap. You are able to send positive signals about your website to the search engines that rank your site. By indexing your best pages you lead Google crawlers to inspect these pages. In doing so, you enhance Google’s perception of your website! Thus to improve search engine presence you must create sitemaps for your website.
  • You are able to track when was the last time your webpages were changed or updated. By analyzing the list of URLs or pages updated recently, you can know which pages have not yet been changed and require updates.
  • Create a list of 100s if not 1000s of pages of your website. Creating an XML sitemap of your site manually is plausible when you have a website that is small. Since manual creation of such lists can be very time-consuming, bigger websites need sitemap creators to help in this process.

The Sitemap generator provides you with the metadata regarding changes on your webpages and allowing you to track the changes. Hence, the features and applications make this free XML Sitemap tool a very useful SEO tool.

Why should I use this free XML sitemap generator?

Our free XML sitemap generator is a tool that crawls your website and analyzes the pages. By doing so it makes a note of all the pages, sub-domains, and featuring services provided on your website. It takes an account of all of this by generating a URL list.

This HTML sitemap creator or XML sitemap can be uploaded via your Google Search Console account. This will provide Google with your sitemap. In case Google has not recently crawled your domain and updated its list for the changes implemented on your site, our free XML sitemap generator will help you create a sitemap or URL list to be uploaded.


This free XML sitemap tool should ideally be used after every major change to your website. This updates the pages of your site indexed on Google and lets you index updates on the Google search engine. Any update or change you make to your site will only be successful if it brings in traffic. Traffic will be brought to those new pages when they are reaching their target audiences. It is difficult for newer pages, even on older domains, to reach their target audience. The best way to do so is for your target audience to find you on Search engines like Google. The only way your audience finds your webpage is if your updated website has been indexed on Google after using the XML sitemap creator. Our free XML sitemap tool can help you track the following types of changes:

  • New Blog post: Assume you have recently worked on and finished writing a blog post on your website. You would want this post to be seen on SERP for the topic on which you have written your blog post. By using our sitemap creator you are able to index the changes on Google.
  • New Feature: Assume you are providing an additional service to your users and would want this page to gain traction. You can index the pages of your website by creating a sitemap and posting the XML file of your site’s URLs on your website’s Google Search Console account.
  • New Page: Assume you have introduced a new page on your site (could be a product list, price menu, external website partners, etc.). For you to index this page on Google you must Run the Sitemap generation for it.

How can I use this XML Sitemap Generator?

Our tool is the best XML sitemap Generator online! Our tool is the best because it aids you to:

  1. Analyze big websites with more than 1000 pages. Unlike most tools, our HTML Sitemap generator analyzes up to 5000 pages of a website. It creates a URL list for your website, allowing google to index the same. This generator allows you to customize the number of pages and URLs you want to index as well!
  2. Modify the frequency of changes. Our free XML Sitemap tool allows you to customize the frequency of changes on your site. The options we provide to track changes include: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Giving you more precise tracking of changes, letting you decide the degree to which you want to track.
  3. Customize the date options. This sitemap creator provides you sitemaps for different dates. It allows you to be specific to a date for which you would want to see your sitemap. Our XML sitemap creator helps you in tracking the evolution of your site via the HTML sitemap of your website.
  4. Prioritize your pages. Every site has certain pages that are created and optimized better than others. Poor quality pages on XML sitemaps give Google suggestions that your entire website is of poor quality. Using XML Site Generator you are able to customize the priority of the pages you wish to list. Our tool provides you with priority options from 0, 0.1, 0.2 to 1.


This free XML sitemap tool greatly helps in SEO. It simplifies the process of indexing your pages on the Google search engine. While creating a sitemap for your site, can customize the features to receive the metadata that you need. This tool will also equip you with the information and tool to track changes on your website and is free of cost! Our HTML sitemap creator provides you great limits to prioritize your webpages and has a limit of 5000 pages to track.