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Word counter is an online word counting tool. This helps you calculate the total number of words and characters in a passage. The use of this word counter is simple. You need to input your passage onto our word calculator and find accurate results. This is most useful to those authors or writers that have a restriction. Restrictions on writers are usually on the number of characters they can use in an article. This is a very powerful, effective, and easy word counter. The following are the steps that will guide you to optimally use this tool:

1.    Go to your article, essay, or report. This is the part where you go to the text for which you want to count characters and count words. Copy the text!

2.    Visit SEO To Checker’s online website for SEO tools. Go to the section of the “Type any word to search SEO tools” section. Proceed to find our word counter tool.

3.    Go to the search bar of this tool and paste the text!

4.    Find the exact word count and the exact character count of your presented article.

It’s that simple! Our word counter is easily the best word counter online because it’s easy to use. The simplicity of the tool makes it additionally great to use and separates it from our word counter s online.

Advantages of the free online text counter?

Word counter is a very useful tool online. It has a wide variety of uses and can fulfill your requirements for a quick word count. Get accurate word count and character count using our word calculator with just a few clicks. There is a wide range of uses word calculator can be used for, these are the following:

1.  School projects

School projects often require a word limit to be adhered to. Students are given a word limit (for example 1000 words), which is the upper limit. Students then proceed to work on their assignments or projects with the word limit as a gauging meter. Often this word limit is set to ensure that all students have an equal amount of information that they can provide. No student can provide more within the same word limit, without giving up on some other factor. This helps keeps students in check for extending the basic count. Word count setting also allows the worse off students to work hard and strive for something close to the word count.

Most schools penalize a student’s grade if the word limit is not met. Most schools punish a student through their grade if the word count exceeds the word limit. But depending on institutes, you can be penalized for a lower word count than the word limit. Thus it is important to stay close to the word limit always. For such purposes, the word calculator is a very useful tool!

2.  College essays

It is often the case that colleges and universities set word limits for the essays they assign students. Word limit is a very strategic move introduced by colleges for essays. This restricts the student’s platform to explain everything they know about a certain topic. Therefore, forcing the students to prioritize information or presentation. The choice of which, either makes or breaks the grade one receives. This is a very important part of college as it allows departments to prepare students for work life. This is because students are put in a situation where they decide what are they willing to give up in a tradeoff.

The word limit is very common in all colleges throughout the world. Hence, we see a need for an application of a tool that can help facilitate this. SEO to Checker’s word counter is the perfect tool for such needs of students. By using this tool you get the exact character count and word count for your essay. This will help you save crucial points that may be deducted if the word limit is exceeded.

3.  Job applications

Job applications on platforms and websites (like LinkedIn) have word limits on the applications they receive. The word limit prevents applicants from over-explaining certain points to a great extent. This is a tactic that helps employers find out how concise or expansive an applicant is.  Word limit restricts the scope for attention to detail and hence tests applicants even before the interviews. This is a very calculated strategy employed by hiring agencies to have an overview of what the applicant is all about.

Therefore, when applying for jobs it is imperative to adhere to the word limit that is set. Applicants should know the exact word count of their application. This is where we come in. Our word counting tool is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool. It allows applicants to have an accurate word count. Using the word calculator allows users to assess the need to delete or add words to their applications.

4.  Work Reports

In a working environment you need to make sure that you are precise and to the point. When working you are multi-tasking almost always. So are your stakeholders and colleagues. Thus when communicating important facts and figures to them you need to short and crisp. The word counting tool is a very useful website tool for this purpose. You should know that by making the report short you engage the reader to enquire more when needed. Knowing the word count of your report will allow you to gauge whether or not you need to change your strategy. The word counting tool will help you with this exact need.

5.  SEO purposes

 Writing engaging content can be difficult. You need to know your audience, your competitors, and the overall state of the market. This is important because only by knowing this can you do something about it. You need to know how to keep your reader engaged and how much information to provide. We understand that this is a difficult thing to do, but here is a way we suggest you go about it. Word counting for SEO purposes can be done in the following way:

1.   Word count of competing articles

This will tell you the number of words that your competitor’s visitors are willing to read. Competitors are the websites that rank close to yours on the search engines. Knowing your closest competitors is very important for SEO. the word count of your competitor’s article is a good benchmark for you to reach. It will highlight the number of characters and show you how big the average word is. Therefore, highlighting the readability level of your audience.

2.   Word count of best website’s article

This will show you where the leader of your industry is. It will highlight the gauging meter where you need to reach. Based on this data you can find out how much effort and information you need to provide to the users. The word count of the leader will give insight into the degree of their article’s quality.

Similar tools to the Word counting tool

When using our word counting tool, ensure that you get a holistic idea about your article, essay, or report. This will ensure you know every statistic about your work. This ensures that you are not blindsided by a superior telling you something needs to change. By knowing all data points about your work, you are equipped with additional underlying knowledge. SEO To Checker’s online tools that can help you are:

1. Keyword density checker

This tool will highlight the words that are present within your essay, project, report, or article. It will highlight the most emphasized word within your passage. Based on this you cant find out the word that has been most concentrated within your work. You can either continue to do so or edit your work as per your liking.

2. Plagiarism checker

This a very useful tool to utilize when writing anything of an official nature as an essay or report. You need to ensure that you know if sections of your work have been copied from previously created work. This will help you edit out those sections, rewrite, or reference that section of your work. Our Plagiarism checker is very accurate and will give you a breakdown of your work.

3. Keyword suggestion tool

 This a useful tool for SEO and article writing purposes. Usually, we end up overemphasizing a word within our work. This tool will provide powerful synonyms for you to replace that word with. 

4. Article rewriter

Assume you are writing a piece of work and realize that it does not sound right. You may not be content with the words used or the phrases employed to emphasize a point. In most cases, you come to this realization when there is no time to rewrite the whole thing by yourself. Here is where our article rewriting tool helps you. The article rewriter will reword the entire passage for you. Allowing you to choose which section of the updated article you wish to keep and which section you want to “rewrite”. This is a very useful and powerful tool for writing long passages with little time to spare. 


The word counting tool is a very useful and accurate text checking tool. Its uses are wide-ranging and diverse. It is used by school and college students, teachers, working professionals, applicants, and content writers. It can be used by anyone and everyone to know a little more about the passage you are writing or reading. The word counting tool by SEO to Checker is the best word counter online right now! It analyzes your entire passage provided by breaking it down. This text checker gives you accurate results about the number and frequency of characters and wor