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What is a webpage size checker?

There are many factors in search engine optimization to rank your website into the google search engine result pages. Seo to checker provides you free online page size checker tool that tells you your webpage page size. Seo to checker’s page size checker is an amazing tool whereby the user easily can check their webpage size. A webpage size matters to decrease your bounce rate that is a good signal to Google search to show page in search engine result pages. The estimated size of the webpage is 12KB. If your website having a 12KB webpage size then it’ll assist you to increase your webpage loading time. 


There is one important thing that if your webpage is getting high loading time to open webpages. Then It can increase your bounce rate. If the bounce rate increases of your web pages then it can down your ranking in google search engine result pages. Therefore, the page size checker tool is most important for a digital marketer, blogger, & website owner. Even you can easily able to find out health & performance of your website. But you won’t be able to find out page size without using the online page size checker tool. Therefore, our free online seo to checker tool plays a big role to check page size with 100% accuracy. 


Why should I use your website page size checker?


Most people having this question that why should use your website page size checker tool. You know that there are several tools on the internet but seo to checker’s free online website page size checker tool is one of the best size checker tools. Seo to checker’s website page size checker is simple, fast & reliable. I would like to recommend that it is the best tool for you. Besides, opting for the benefits of seo to checker’s website page size checker is 100% free. Instantly you can calculate the page size. Just copy your webpage link & paste it to the size checker tool. Then click on the submit button. That’s why it is a simple, and easy to access tool. 


What is important about using a web page size checker tool. 

If you want to know the importance of a web page size checker. If you are using the page size checker tool then it will save your time to calculating the website page size of every domain. Because you can check page size in bulk. Just enter the URL of the website in our seo to checker tool and you can easily calculate the page size test.  It will save your time and your efforts that can be utilized elsewhere productively. For using seo to checker’s website page size checker tool is free of cost. You don’t need to pay any single amount anywhere. One more thing about this, that seo to checker offers you other free seo tools like domain authority checker, page authority checker, Moz rank checker, domain age checker, keyword difficulty checker, page speed checker, plagiarism checker, robot.txt generator, meta tag analyzer, etc. Seo to checker helps you to decrease bounce rate.


Because bounce rate is the one more ranking factor in search engine optimization. When your website has a lower bounce rate then your website would be started to show in the google search engine result pages. Whereby you will be able to drive much traffic on your website therefore it is the best strategy to drive traffic on your blog or website. You know very well that google already considered that there are 200+ google ranking factors in seo. So webpage size checker is also one of the ranking factors in seo to get higher posting in search engine result pages. So, it is a must to reduce your page loading time.   


How do I know my page size?

There is straight forward way to check your webpage size. There is one of the best tools available on the internet which is seo to checker’s online free website page size checker. Using this tool you can easily calculate your web page size. No need to go with many steps to check your web pages. Just you have to copy a tour of the website or webpage that you want to check page size.  Paste the copied URL into the input field of the page size checker. Now click on the submit button. Using these tactics you can check your webpage size.   


What is the size of a website page?

The webpage size has been considering around 12KB. But many factors need to know. If your audience uses mobile phones then your webpage size should be mobile friendly. So that your web page does take much loading time. If you having that audience who use tablets then your webpage size should be based on tablet users. But I would recommend that you should go with a common web page size. YOu can use it 1024 pixels wide & 768 pixels high. This is the common size that will perfect for your mobile & tablet users as well. Either you can go with responsive webpage screen sizes for different-different devices. If you having iPad, computer, & laptop users then you have to check different- different screen sizes for size. So that you can easily drive traffic on the webpage. If you having a distinct size of the responsive site then it is most important for your and your visitors. Because visitors can easily get the best experience with your web pages. I would recommend that your webpage should be mobile-friendly at least. 

What is the good pixel size for websites in chrome?

You know very well that webpage size is more significant for you to drive traffic on your website & decrease the bounce rate of your website. There is some web page size that you can implement on your webpage. Like 400 or 500 pixel, 700x800 pixel, & 800x600 pixels.  These were some examples of webpage size. Your webpage size should be dependent according to your audiences. What device is used by an audience? If your audience uses a mobile device then your website should be mobile-friendly.