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What is the domain value?

Link price refers to the estimated amount that needs to be paid to a hosting server for a particular domain. This tells the value of the ‘up-keep of the website and all its URL attached web pages! The link price is calculated based on the popularity of the website. The more popular websites naturally have a higher link price than others. The link price also accounts for the staying power of a website, since that is a testament to a website’s greatness. The link price checker also accounts for the consistency and the readability of the content. Therefore, link price can give you a whole-some view as per your website’s position in the market.

How is the link price calculated?

Link price is a very useful statistic to find out when doing SEO for your website. The link price checker tells you the worth of your website. However, calculating the worth and ‘price’ of a website online is not a small task to do. This metric is very complex and needs to account for all factors. While factoring in all variables, the link price checking should not be biased towards accounting for one factor more or one factor less. Link price calculation should NOT be biased towards any specific variable more than the others. The website price, thus, is calculated after taking into account multiple different factors. These factor variables include:

1.   Alexa Ranking.

This is the ranking metric that has been invented by, the Amazon subsidiary. They have a very popular and widely used platform called Alexa. This utilizes the chrome extension of Alexa to track the visits of their users. Based on the tracking, it creates a database of the visits to a website. Alexa has used its platform to track the traffic on a website. This also allows Alexa to track the visits on the different pages of a website. The platform gets a net average visit per page for a website. Alexa tracks and accounts for traffic and daily average visitors to a website.

Based on this information, Alexa uses basic functions to calculate the popularity of websites. The website with more traffic is the more popular website! The website with the most daily unique visitors is the website that is the most consistent. Therefore, the Alexa ranking is a metric that is used to find the most popular and consistent websites on the Alexa dataset. To find out the Alexa rank for your website use SEO To Checker’s  Alexa Rank Checker.

2.   Domain Age

This is a very crucial factor to account for when checking link prices for a website. This highlights the time since when the domain name has been registered. This factor can be looked at as informative in telling us about the staying power of a website in the niche industry. Opening and maintaining a website can be a tricky and time-consuming task. The online website space is a HIGHLY competitive and dynamic industry. With new trends, mechanisms, and processes being updated daily, it is difficult for websites to stay afloat. Most websites do not last the first two years of their founding and perish quickly. Therefore, we can acknowledge that staying on a website is a difficult feat to pull off. Thus, Domain Age is an important factor in calculating the link price. Websites with older domain age highlight their expertise and staying power within their industry. Google’s database also views older domains as better. Statistically, older domains usually have better content and an overall better user experience. Due to the survival aspect, Domain Age is a very important factor to consider when checking the worth or price of a website. Even from a competitive SEO perspective, it is good to know how old the Domains are against whom your site is competing. Use SEO To Checker’s Domain Age Checker to know the age of your rivaling websites.


3.   Backlink Profile

The backlink profile is the total number of links that are linking to your website. These include links that are internal, external, Do-Follow, No-follow, etc, This acts as a statistical proxy for recommendations for a website. This is because a webmaster will link another website on his/ her domain, only if that website is useful. A backlink profile consisting of high-ranking websites is a VERY good thing for a website’s search engine ranking. Search engines use this metric to find the strength of a website. Based on the backlink profile Google crawls your website to check if it is worth showing searchers. After approving the information provided via the crawl, Google proceeds to index your Website on its server. While indexing, Google accounts for the backlink profile of your website and views your content. The backlink profile is highly important when calculating the link price of a website. Therefore, when checking the link price of your site accounting for the link profile is necessary. One great tool to track this SEO To Checker’s Backlink Checker.


4.   Google Indexing

Google is by far the most well-known and most used search engine on the internet. It has the biggest and best database of websites. Google’s ranking and indexing play a great role in determining the domain price of your website. Google ranks websites based on the queries raised on its platform. Google serfs its database and provide websites as answers to the questions. These websites presented as answers are called search results. As a website, you strive to be a Google search result and a high-ranked result at that. However, this is not easy. Google must first index your website.

Google’s indexing process is long and thorough. It uses a complex software called Googlebot that crawls your website. This crawler analyzes your web pages, the backlinks for your website, and content surrounding keywords. It then indexes your website based on the keywords that suit your website and web pages best. To rank high on Google, it is imperative to know if your website has been indexed or not. SEO To Checker’s Google Index Checker is a very powerful and free tool to help you find out if your site has been indexed. It also helps guides you in ways of how you can get indexed and improve your search engine ranking!

5.   Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are comparative statistics that tell you the dominance of a website or web page in its niche industry. Domain Authority score is an advanced metric and gives a score out of 100. Domain Authority & Page Authority are grading systems built by Moz. SEO To Checker’s Domain Authority Checker is a very useful and powerful tool.  The tool utilizes logarithmic functions to calculate your Domain Authority score. DA PA checker is an excellent grading system for websites. This grading system can be used as a proxy to Google or other Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). The higher is the Domain Authority of a website, the higher are the chances for that site to be ranked high on Google. There is a strong relation between SERP rankings on Google and Domain authority and Page authority scores by MOZ.

SEO To Checker’s Link price calculator takes Domain Authority into account when calculating the domain price. This is a very powerful and useful metric that can be used to track the presence of your site in its industry.

6.   Suspicious Domain

Sometimes websites do not have a good link price. That may be because the website has less popularity, less domain age, no google indexing, or even lesser Domain authority. However, it is very bad if your site is considered to have spam characteristics. Suspicious Domain Checker is a statistic that alerts you as per the degree to which your website resembles common spam websites. A high score of being suspicious will lead to your site being degraded on search engine rankings. This is a very crucial metric to track when doing SEO or using a link price calculator.

Website link price checker

SEO To Checker’s link price checker is a very useful tool and is the best link price calculator on the market! It calculates your website price using advanced metrics and using crucial statistical points. Our link price calculator accounts for multiple variables and factors. It weights each factor appropriately and tells you the domain price of your website. Our link price calculator is simple to use and provides you the domain price of your website in just three quick steps.

First: go to the website of which you want to find out the worth.

Second: copy their URL and paste it on our tool’s search bar.

Third: Submit the URL and get the domain price!

Our website link price checker also helps you in competitor analysis. It is common knowledge that for SEO you must know your competition. You must know who is competing against you to know what you need to do to outrank! Our tool is not only simple and free but also very powerful. It helps feed in up to 100 URLs. This implies that you can get the domain prices for 100 websites in one go! Find out quickly how powerful your competitors are and how you can work to beat them. You may have websites that you feel are your competitors through some metrics but this tool is the best analyzer. It will tell you whether or not the metric you are using is insightful or not. By calculating the link price, it gives you an idea about the level of competition in your industry.

Improve your website using our techniques. This will help your ranking improve slowly but surely. Our website link price checker will help you track the value of your domain as you implement our methods. Webmasters can use this tool to show their clients how well they are building the brand for the website owner. This tool naturally, can be used by website owners as well to track the progress of their investment in real-time!