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About Domain Age Checker

What is Domain Age?

Domain age refers to the time for which a domain name has existed. This refers to the first time the domain name was indexed on Google. Alternatively, since the time the domain name was registered online. For example, if you registered for a domain name for your website in 2015, then by 2020 the domain age is 5 years.


Why should I know the Domain Age for my website?

Domain age is one of the major factors that affect the ranking of your website when analyzed by search engine crawlers. This highlights the staying power of the website and also showcases the brand value and domain retention in the industry. The domain age of a website acts as a parameter for its credibility, the older the age of the domain, the higher is the credibility. This perception about older Domain age has helped older websites on search engine rankings.


The domain age of a website is usually indicative of the domain authority that the website commands. Thus, this metric acts as a quick proxy to help in understanding the quality of the website. Older websites have faced many trends and have evolved from different versions. We can state that when it comes to websites, older is usually better, a claim that has been shown through Google’s rankings. When comparing two websites; with similar traffic, backlinks, and content; the site which is superior in Domain age will be provided an edge. When ranked on Google and other search engines older will outrank newer sites.


Are Older Domain Age Websites considered better?

How long a website has been up, is reminiscent of the fact that the content of the website is good. The domain authority that the website commands are strong and the brand retention of the website with the consumers is present. It is thus, VERY IMPORTANT to know how old a website is.


There are over 1 billion websites on the internet, making it a HIGHLY competitive space to compete in. Websites with good quality backlinks are the ones that manage to rank high on search engines. Good quality website backlinks take time to amass. Hence, older websites usually have higher quality backlinks.


Newer sites with less traffic are seen as spam websites. Websites that have fake testimonials, wrong or misleading information, and serve destructive purposes are spam websites. Google and other search engines’ advanced algorithms and crawlers detect spam websites. Since they serve no good purpose, spam sites get penalized by search engines. Usually, these websites include new sites to direct traffic to a specific site and act as backlink generators. This is fraudulent behavior in the eyes of Google and rankings display the same. For websites to gain ranking the correct way they need to build a reputation, which as you know takes time! Since this process takes time, older websites have their user base in place. Due to their reputation and reliability, Google rewards them via its rankings.


Generating traffic is the most important aspect and purpose of a website. Some sites do not survive because of their inability to direct traffic. Others do not survive due to their lack of patience to build traffic and relations. As per the theme of Websites, this procesthuses time and thus should not be rushed. Older websites receive more traffic than newer websites due to their presence being on search engines for a longer time. Summing up, having more Domain age seen as proof of having a better website by Google. Older sites show more promise, better graphics, and better content, a fact that is proved by data.


Domain Age Checker

This Domain age checker allows you to know the age of the domains or websites’ of your competitors. You can understand how long they have been in your industrial niche. By inputting the URL of the site in interest, the Domain age checker helps you in knowing the age of many websites through a few clicks. This will help you gauge the competition and understand how your experience rivals others in your industry. Our age checker tool will help you make better decisions on the way forward. It will help to clarify your perception of the reasons behind your ranking. Allowing you to use our other tools for your benefit. Tools such as Domain Authority checker to further analyze your competition.


The simple typing out of the URL or the name of the website will allow any user of this tool. To see the age of a site is to know how much experience the site has had in your niche industry.


What information can I get after knowing how old a website is?

Our online Domain age checker is a free tool that is easy to navigate. This allows anyone, from competitors to partners to marketers to average consumers, to use it to get clarity on online websites. Domain checker allows you to track the age and thus, the experience of a company you are dealing with. Assume examples:

1. As a consumer, you are on an e-commerce website that you recently discovered. But are not sure about how reliable they are and how fast they can process your order.  By checking their domain age you will have insight as per the websites’ experience in the market.

2. The website you want to research may be a potential partner. You want to know how credible they are as partners. By knowing this you also want to know how they have progressed or evolved from the time of their inception. The age checker will help you track the changes they have made on their websites.

3. As a digital marketer, you would want to post advertisements on websites that have traction. The staying power of a site will help you decide if you want to advertise on their platforms.

4. You may be an online business and want to know the experience of a competitor that has been poaching your clients as of late. This is a site you had not heard of. Using the Domain Age checker you will be able to find out if they rival your experience in the industry. Using our tool you can always compare the domain ages of two sites to compare their experience.



Application of the Domain Age tool and way forward

Website age is a very important factor when doing internet market research, in order to rank high on search engine result pages. Your competition is the one who you have to beat in order to rank higher on search engine consoles (such as Google). Hence, when doing search engine optimization it is important to know your competition. Content and backlink profile are two of the premier factors affecting the search engine rankings of a site. But, domain age or website age is the factor that is often overlooked. While the website with a higher number of quality backlinks has the edge under the search engine rankings, websites with higher domain authority are considered better under the eyes of the search engine. Thus, a better domain authority site with a good backlink profile has an edge in the rankings. According to Google rankings, you can observe that older websites usually outrank newer ones. Hence domain age needs to be accounted for when creating plans of action for your site. You must consider not only your own site's age but also that of your competition.


Thus, when optimizing your website check the age of your competitor’s website/domain. Google recognizes that if a website or a domain has been around for a while, it must be posting valuable and useful content. Google sees Domain age for highlighting the fact that the website is not a spam site but is a legitimate website. So, the analysis of this metric will give you an idea about who has the edge in the eyes of the search engine (like Google). When doing SEO for your website, first check the domain age of your competition and plan. Come up with intricate planned-out strategies for content creation around keywords that older websites do not use. This strategy will prevent direct competition with strong Domain age websites. It will allow you to compete with newer sites that do not have the advantage of having domain age helping them to outrank you!



Domain age checkers can provide anyone with information about a website’s age, whether it is a buyer, a seller, or a middle man. The application of this website age checker is very useful. But also limited by only providing you with the information about how long a website has been up for. It thus, cannot provide you with the strategies to use this information optimally. Websites that are older have an edge in the search engine ranking. The data supports the fact that older sites when compared to newer ones possess more experience and have better backlinks. Therefore, as a website owner, you must take action and maximize your knowledge and the optimization of your website. By understanding the strength of your competition, the platform experience of potential marketing partners, or the inexperience of suppliers, you can make smart decisions. It highlights what competitors to avoid going up against directly. It highlights what types of competitors to target based on their edge (or lack of edge) due to domain age. This site age checking tool validates the claim that it takes time and patience to build up traffic for your site. That requires building up a reputation and user base. To rank high on SERP you must use all tools at your disposal and form plans and strategies accordingly.