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What is text code to text ratio?

The code-to-text ratio is the most important thing. We can say that code to ratio is the percentage of a web page. That means how much text is written on the page & how much area is covered by the image on the webpage, You must have seen any website, if you go to the website then you get some pictures or some text on the website. So you can say the ratio of page text & image is called code to text ratio. The code is an Html code that is embedded on the website page. Your webpage having high text to code ratio then it can increase the possibility of your website getting a higher rank in the google search engine result pages.


Several marketers use this technique to get a better position in search engine result pages and outrank their competitors. You won’t go with a better code-to-text ratio in your webpage then you can lose your position in google ads. There are several examples: First, if your webpage having excessive HTML code then it can increase the loading time on a user’s browser. It means that users would be unsatisfied because of the loading time of the webpage. In that case, the user won’t tolerate slow page loading speed. The user will abandon the webpage and move to another webpage. Now, what would happen that your bounce rate would be increased and your search engine result page ranking would be decreased? When your web page ranking would be decreased from a search engine then you can’t drive much traffic on your website using a google search engine. 


What is the importance of text to HTML code ratio in search engine optimization(SEO)?

As you know that code to text ratio plays a significant role in search engine optimization. Your website shouldn’t be much coding because it directly affects your webpage. If your webpage will take much loading time then users can start to abandon your webpage. In this case your webpage instantly your bounce rate would be increased. Then it would be directly affected your webpage whereby your ranking would be decreased in search engine result pages. While developing a website owner must think about the code & text ratio so that the website easily can get a better position in search engine result pages. 


For example: What happens when you read the newspaper in the morning. If you see the images on the whole news pager and won’t get any text. Besides, when you get an only text on the newspaper & you don’t see any images on the newspaper. In this case what would happen that you feel like throwing the newspaper in the dustbin because there is no combination between text & images. Usually, you must have seen that the combination of text & images would an equal ratio. You read such a newspaper then definitely you would like to prefer the newspaper. One more example like this- Suppose you visit a website and you open the website. When you open the website then you got only links there & you didn’t get any text on the webpage except links. In this situation, you abandoned the webpage instant because there is no combination between link and text. So the combination of code &text ratio is the most significant of a website. It will assist you to boost your rank on search engine result pages. 


How to use seo to checker’s code to text ratio checker tool?

There is no difficult task to use seo to checker’s free online code to text ratio checker tool. There is some step that you have to follow to get code to text ratio of your website. First, you have to go to your website and copy the link to the website. Now open the seo to checker’s online code to text ratio checker tool where you have to paste the copied link into the input field of the tool. Now click on the submit button.



There are several ways to optimize web pages. First of all, you have to check your code & HTML ratio. I would recommend some steps whereby you can optimize a web page.  For optimizing your website you must have to check your HTML code ratio. You should not keep extra coding if your website having any unnecessary coding then you must have to remove that from your web pages. Check your while space if your website having a huge white space then instantly you have to remove that. You don’t use many tabs in your webpage, If your website having many coding comments like someone has pasted ten backlinks then they would increase your loading time. You must have to try CSS for styling and formatting. Because if you use CSS coding then you can give style or formatting for your website in short coding whereby your webpage loading speed wouldn’t be increase. 


When you post images on the website then the website would be a high-loaded site through which you will take much time to open the website. So before posting images on the website you must have to resize the images that you want to post. Try to remove unnecessary images from the websites. If you want to show your website that your website should be more attractive then you should use javascript and flash languages because using this language your webpages will show more attractive and not create much coding your website. Just using some coding you develop it more attractive. Always keep the size of your webpage under 300KB because it would be best for your website. I would not increase your page loading speed. If you having any hidden content on your website then instantly remove that from your web pages, Always you have to try to write plain text. Because the plain text doesn’t have much coding. Try to provide peace of quality content of users so that you can drive much traffic on your websites. Don’t forget the readability of your content. Make sure your content should be readable, & a piece of quality information. So that users can be satisfied with your content that has been written on your website.