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What are Domain Authority and Page Authority Scores?

Domain Authority (DA) checks how much influence, popularity, or authority your website commands. Site Authority is specific to its niche and is on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. DA is checked and displayed on a scale of 0-100 on search engines. Here 0 is the worst grade, having the least authority (usually is the case for new or unoptimized websites). 100 is the best grade, for websites having the highest authority over the domain’s niche (older websites with strong staying power or industry leaders). The DA checker uses metrics provided by MOZ to analyze data. By doing so it gives accurate results about the domain or website authority. Highlighting how much influence one commands in its niche industry.


Page Authority (PA) checks the influence or authority that a specific page (of a website) commands, in its topical niche, on search engines. This highlights the digital strength of your webpage when being compared to similar pages in your niche. As the PA of web pages of a website increases, so does the DA. Our Domain Authority Checker allows you to check both the DA and PA of your website.

Correlation between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Most websites are made up of many web pages, displaying different information, and having content on each page. But usually having the same theme and curated around a niche topic or industry. Thus, when your website gets the traffic it is likely that some of that traffic will spill over to the other web pages of your site. Thus, the Domain Authority and Page Authorities of a webpage are positively related. When the Page Authority of a webpage of your site increases the Domain Authority of the Website increases as well and vice-versa.

Usage of Domain Authority/ Page Authority scores

Based on the Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA/PA) scores, search engines (such as Google) rank your website on search engine result pages (SERP). Search engine crawlers go through your website and determine how relevant the content is too specific searches. Search engines also track the number and the quality of backlinks for your website and base your site’s ranking based on this data. Which are reflected through the results provided by the Domain Authority checker?


The better-ranked sites have more relevant content and have higher quality backlinks for their websites. Thus, such websites receive higher Domain Authority (DA). These scores highlight the competitiveness of your site compared to the best. A site with a higher DA score will rank higher on the search engine results page, as opposed to a website with a lower DA score. Therefore, by default the higher the DA score, the greater traffic to the Website.


Domain authority and Page authority are crucial factors that lead to the success or failure of online Websites. The analysis and improvement of these scores boost the ranking of the Website on search engines and hence increases user perception of your website. Higher score websites have higher rankings and so are first to be visited by users searching for solutions on a search engine.


DA and PA are comparative metrics that put into context the level of competition. Website authority shows one website’s competitiveness against the industry leader. Usually, the sites which are MORE user-friendly, have HIGHER quality backlinks, and have OPTIMISED their webpages have better Website authority scores.


Website A is the leader and website B is the competitor. This implies that the Domain Authority checker gives a higher DA to siteA than it does to site B. Now assume site A receives 1000 quality backlinks and site B receives only 100 quality backlinks. This implies that the DA of site B will increase at a lesser rate than the DA of site A.



How to accurately check Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Website?

The Domain Authority Checker provides a score for a website on a scale of 0-100. The calculation of the Domain Authority score is carried out using a logarithmic function. This implies that as DA increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to further increase the ranking of the Website. Insinuating that DA scores of high-ranking websites and PA scores of high-ranking web pages increase very slowly. Domain Authority Checker highlights scores in a grading system. Wherein it is easier for a website to increase its DA score from 15 to 20 than it is to increase the DA score from 65 to 70.  

What areas of the Website to look at when trying to enhance Domain Authority or Page Authority?

SEO components are considered by the Domain Authority checker during the calculation of DA. These factors when improved can enhance the DA/PA scores and traffic of a website. Through careful concentration, tracking, and improvement of these factors, one site outranks the competition. Factors affecting DA PA include:


1.  Page Speed- Faster loading time of a website allows it to display its content quicker. Therefore, serving the user faster and improving the visits to the site compared to the sites with slower page speeds. This is a positive indicator in the “eyes” of search engines. Faster loading time is reflected by the results of the Domain Authority checker. This insinuates that websites that are slower will have a worse DA PA rating.  Worse the site speed, the worse is its search engine ranking when compared to faster websites.


2. Keywords- Write and create content centered around target keywords that are relevant to your niche. Find Related Keywords to your main topic in focus and ensure that your content is clear and informative. When researching relevant keywords, keep the following in mind:


· Proof terms that will further confirm and validate your point.


· Powerful Words that will garner interest in your content.


· Targeted keywords that provide a holistic picture of the topic you are discussing.


3. Content- the factual relevance, interesting points, proofs, and the writing style of articles on a website/ webpage is crucial in determining how competitive the site is on search engine result pages (SERP). The content is king in determining the ranking of the site. To indicate to Google that your website is optimized, make sure your content is organized and is showcased in an easy-to-read manner. This will allow Google and other search engines to understand your content and on-page topics clearly.


4. Web-Design- the layout format and presentation of information and content on a website is highly important. This either helps in the retention of users on a website when done correctly or leads to an increase in bounce rates of the site when done incorrectly. The navigation on the Webpage is very important for the retention of users and can Improve your DA score when made easy. User experience is KEY when trying to outrank your competitors’ Domain Authorities.


5.  Bounce rates- refers to the quick exits of users from your website after viewing only one page. This displays the lack of retention of a user on your site thus indicating dissatisfaction with the user’s query. Search engines strive to provide users with solutions with the least number of clicks possible and so penalize bounce rates. This is an indirect factor as it does not affect the Domain Authority directly. But it will disrupt other factors leading to an indirect impact on DA scores. Concentrate on engaging your users and keeping them intrigued enough to want to go through your website.


6. Social Presence- websites need to have a strong influence and brand image on social media platforms. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are very useful. However, being present on social media is not the same as being influential! Analyze the news in your niche and follow up on the latest trends to stay relevant. Create content for the social media pages of your site to redirect traffic to your web pages. This makes the site trendy and makes your content shareable across platforms. Social presence thus enhances the site Authority of your website.


7. Know Your Competition- When checking the DA PA of your website, you must also check the DA PA of your competitors. Analyze the pages and topics that you have written about and compare them to ranked websites. Overlooking your competition is the worst thing that a website manager or owner can do. You must look at the trending topics discussed and research what more you can add to the field. Knowledge is wisdom! Check the pages of the domain authority of your competitors and improve your site in every aspect. Hence, the more informative and better-articulated content you can create the more you will set your website apart from others!

Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority checker:

To check the Website Authority of a site or when checking the Page Authority of a specific webpage, we must input the URL of the site onto the DA PA checker and find the score. The Domain Authority checker will provide scores specific to niches. Therefore, will display the reality of where a site ranks in comparison to its competitors. These will highlight the dominance and authority of your site and will also show the ranking of your website. The advanced statistics and metrics paint a clear picture of where your site stands in the industry. Thus, it is very important to check the domain authority of your site as well as that of your competition.

How to check DA PA?

When trying to check the domain authority of a website, you can use this tool to analyze multiple URLs to check the web pages of the toRelatedA PA of your competition as well. To use this tool, simply follow:

1.  Go to your competitor’s website

2.  Copy the URL, from the search bar, of your competitor’s website.

3.  Paste the URL onto the bulk DA PA checker

4.  Carry out the process till you have all competitor sites’ URLs on our tool.

5.  Press “DA PA CHECK” and analyze the results.

This is a great tool for doing competitive analysis. You can find out exactly where you stand among your peers and how well you fare against them. Only by knowing can we take steps. Therefore, observe closely your competitors with similar DA. Analyze the content, pages, and topics that you are working on, that have also been written by your competitors. You must compare your content to that of ranked websites. Overlooking other sites is the worst thing that a webmaster can do for their website. Focus primarily on Websites that have web pages touser-friendly slower of websitesRelatedigher domain authority and page authority to your website. This will help you work and compete against the best of the best in your niche!